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Hosting on Knightsite webspace is offered to Knights of Columbus councils, chapters, assemblies, Squires Circles, Ladies Auxiliaries, Columbiettes, Catholic Daughter Courts, and other groups or organizations that are K of C and/or Church affiliated. Hosting is offered by JMI Computer Services which is owned and operated by Past Grand Knight and Knightsite webmaster, Jack Impellizeri. The special prices listed on this page are only meant for organizations such as those listed above and may change without notice. Commercial hosting plans are also available through JMI Computer Services but at a higher rate. Knightsite offers Ad-FREE webspace and supports most popular html editing programs. These plans DO NOT INCLUDE DOMAIN REGISTRATION.

Hosting Plan EZ1 - $25 per upload - Does NOT NEED domain name registration
This is Knightsite’s least expensive plan. Send a photo ready copy of up to five 8.5x11 inch sheets of paper (in color), that you design or that you had someone else design for you (no copyright infringements please). Knightsite will scan your photo ready, color, 8.5x11 inch pages, and publish them online, adjusted for size to approximately 800 pixels wide. The pages will be uploaded to your own domain’s web space if you are hosting with Knightsite OR you can avoid the cost of a domain name and simply use space under the Knightsite domain such as:
http://www.knightsite.com/kofc#####.pdf or http://wwwknightsite.com/kofc#####.html

Hosting Plan EZ2 - $25 per upload - Does NOT NEED domain name registration
This plan is the same as Plan EZ1 in cost and in details but instead of sending sheets of paper to Knightsite, you would send a single, small (up to ten pages) .pdf file.

Hosting Plan B - $50 per year - Basic Plan - Does NOT INCLUDE domain name registration
This basic, Do-It-Yourself, hosting plan includes up to 1 GB of ad-free webspace. You would receive an FTP username and password access to your webspace so you could upload your own files whenever you wanted. Some additional features are available at no charge on request.

Hosting Plan C - Price of this Custom Plan varies depending on features selected. Some features are
- Custom online DataBases
- Custom online Video Presentations
- Custom online Slide Shows
- PayPal set-up on your website

Domain Registration - $15 per year - Click the button below/right for Knightsite’s Domain Registration page.


If you are using Knightsite web hosting and you let your domain expire
or you do not pay your domain or web hosting bill by September 30th of the current year,
Knightsite will assume that you DO NOT wish to renew your hosting plan and domain registration. If that happens, on or soon after October 1st of the current year, your website and files will be removed from our servers and will no longer be visible online

If you need an extension of time for payment beyond September 30th, please contact Knightsite.
If you don’t have a big budget, consider Hosting Plans EZ1 and EZ2 (see above)



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