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Welcome to Our Council #9496 in Lincoln N.B.

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You have reached St Francis of Assisi, Council 9496, in Canada, in the Picture Province of New Brunswick, located on the East coast of our Country, just east of the State of Maine, which has a population of Approx. 775,000 people of which 15,000 are members of the Knights of Columbus. There are 115 Councils and 33 Assembly's

Our members belong to the Community of Lincoln and our 4th Degree members belong to the Rev. Dr. G. Everett Grant Assembly in the City of Fredericton, which is the Capital City of our Province. Both Lincoln and Fredericton are nestled along the St John River, commonly referred to as the " Nile of North America."

The Airport of Fredericton is located in our area. We are a bedroom community, and on the east side of us, is located the largest military base in the Commonwealth, with an Infantry Battalion, a training school for Engineering, Artillery, Armour, Infantry, and their supporting units. On the west of Lincoln we have the Capital City of our Province of New Brunswick and our 2 major employers: the Provincial Government, and the University of New Brunswick. The University is one of the two oldest universities in North America; they are over 200 years old. At present we have 70 members of which 22 are 4th Degree. One of our members is a former District Deputy and four of our members are Past Faithful Navigators

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