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 Canadian Coat of Arms    Father Grant                       4th Degree Knights of Columbus

Reverend Dr. G. Everett Grant Assembly

#620 New Brunswick, Canada


Most Reverend Francis C.Kelley

Most Reverend Francis C. Kelley Province

359 George St Fredericton E3B 1J6 New Brunswick, Canada

First Assembly in the Maritime on the Internet

Serving Councils 1942, 3502, 8409, 8654, 9433, 9496

First Assembly in Canada with own Stamp


You are visitor # since December 29, 1996

Officers for the 2004-2005Fraternal Year
Faithful Navigator Jean Paul Fournier E-mail
Faithful Friar Rev.Emery Brien E-mail
Faithful Captain Normand Cormier E-mail
Faithful Admiral Guy Poirier E-mail
Faithful Pilot Mark Perry E-mail
Faithful Purser Thom Joordens E-mail
Faithful Scribe Harold Breen E-mail
Faithful Comptroller Camille Albert E-mail
Faithful Inner Sentinel Alfred Hachey E-mail
Faithful Outer Sentinel Benn Saad E-mail
Faithful Trustee, 3 yrs. Raymond Corm,ier E-mail
Faithful Trustee, 2 yrs. Earl McBrine E-mail
Faithful Trustee, 1 yr. Daniel Valliquette E-mail
Assembly's Web Master Thom Joordens E-mail
Honor Guard Commander                  Fred Barnaby E-mail

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