History of the Reverend Dr. G. Everett Grant Assembly

Our Assembly was chartered on 19 Apr 1949 and was then named "Fredericton Local Assembly" and was made up of Members of Council 1942 in Fredericton.  Many of these members had just returned from Europe and the Pacific area of World War II.

Then on 6 April 1973, other Councils were added and the Assembly changed its name and was renamed as "Fredericton General Assembly".  The Assembly flourished with extra members from Councils #2334 in Woodstock and #3502 in Minto.  Many services were performed throughout the community of the City of Fredericton, the Town of Oromocto and the outlying areas. One of the highlights of this period was when the Assembly won the most coveted award of Supreme, when they were awarded the First Place in the contest for the Patriot Award in the Fraternal year of 1992-1993.

Then on 15 May 1994, another change in name took place to reflect the change of Council members who made up the Assembly as well as to honour one of its earlier Faithful Friars.  It was then named the:

"Reverend Dr. G. Everett Grant Assembly"

The following Councils, making up the members of the Assembly are from, Bishop Dollard Council #1942 in Fredericton, (39 Sir Knights), Father Dysart Council #3502 in Minto, (10 Sir Knights), St. Anne-des-Pays-Bas Conseil #8409 in Fredericton, (5 Sir Knights), Father Bernard F. McMahon Council #8654 in Nashwaaksis, (12 Sir Knights), Sts. John and Paul Council #9433 in New Maryland, (3 Sir Knights), and St. Francis of Assisi Council #9496 in Lincoln, (19 Sir Knights). At present there are approximately 100 Sir Knights.

The Assembly and its members have also been involved in the Canadian Flag Project, the installation of a 50' flagpole at the Fredericton Inn, along the Trans Canada Highway, flying a 12' x 24' Flag and were co-sponsors of the "Flying Fathers" benefit hockey game where they had the largest Honour Guard on center ice.

The Assembly has just purchased a new assembly flag.  This is the first time this Assembly has a Flag since it received its charter on 19 Apr 1949.  It was blessed on 14 Jun 1997 by Father Bill Brennan during the 10th anniversary celebrations of Council 9496.

The Assembly will also be starting their plans to celebrate their 50th anniversary on 19 Apr 1999.  It surely is not the oldest in the Province, but at that time we here in New Brunswick formed Assembly #615-616-617-618-619-620-621-622, and as you can see #620 is right in that bunch.  The first Assembly was formed in 1900.

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