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4th Degree

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New Brunswick District


Most Reverend Francis C. Kelly Province

Province du Très Réverend Francis C. Kelly

 District Officers 2000-2001
Supreme Master/Maître Suprême Charles Foos New Haven E-mail
Vice Supreme Master/V.Maître Suprême Ralph C Dunn PSD Charlottetown E-mail
Master/Maître Elvin Kenney Saint John E-mail
Immediate Master/Passé Maître Immédiat Mel McMahon Fredericton E-mail
State Chaplain/Aumônier d'État Mgr E Léger Moncton E-mail
District Marshal/Administration
Maréchal-Ceremonies & Drill

New Brunswick Assembly Directory

You are visitor # since December 29, 1996
Assembly# New Brunswick, Canada Location E-mail Website
# 615 Msgr. Wheaton Assembly Bathurst E-mail Website
# 616 Msgr. F. M. Lockary Assembly Saint John E-mail Website
# 618 Msgr. M. McDonald Assembly Moncton E-mail Website
# 619 Msgr. W.J. Conway Assemblée Edmundston E-mail Website
# 620 Rev Dr. G. Everet Grant     Assembly Fredericton                E-mail Website
# 621 Mgr Camille Leclerc Assemblée Grand Sault E-mail Website
# 1634 Mgr Martin Assemblée St-Quentin E-mail Website
# 1784 Reverend James Brown Assembly Woodstock E-mail Website
# 1807 Rev.J.Albert Poirier Assemblée Campbellton E-mail Website
# 1885 Mgr Albini LeBlanc Assembleé Cocagne E-mail Website
# 1940 Reverend Carl Hickey Assembly Saint John E-mail Website
# 1991 Donald Clattenburg Assembly Oromocto E-mail Website
# 1994 Msgr. Arthur Melanson Assemblée Dieppe E-mail Website
# 2000 Rev. Stanislas Robichaud Rivière du Portage E-mail Website
# 2080 Rev Maillet Assembly Dalhousie E-mail Website
# 2203 Père Rodolphe Doucet Beresford E-mail Website
# 2268 Bishop James Rogers Renous E-mail Website
# 2611 Mgr Philippe Hébert McIntosh Hill E-Mail Website
# 2395 Sir Knight Graham Joseph Francis Tobique Reserve E-mail Website

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