History of    KNILICO INC

When St Francis of Assisi Council # 9496 in Lincoln NB was formed in 1987 on 28 Feb, the Council Members were holding their monthly meetings in the Church hall. The hall has the capacity of 400  seating persons, and the Council members were kind of lost in this big hall, and Parish Council at that time would not give us permission to hang our Charter on the wall.                                                                                                                       

At about the same time the Parish had an old house, that they were using for cathechism and it was a financial burden on the Parish. The Knights were starting to build up a fund due to their Bingo profit, so a proposal was presented to Parish Council that the Knights would take over the house, repair, heat and maintain it and make it available for cathachism on Sundays when necessary. the answer we received back that we could fix up the garage and use it for our meetings every month.                                                            

Council 9496, then decided to put all surplus funds into a building fund, so that sooner or later we could build our own Council Chambers. Funds were steady put aside and the fund grew month by years until a substanial sum was being realized and the building committee started to look at buildings in the Lincoln area that were put up for sale from time to time. Some cost to much, some the mortgage was to high or it needed to much to repair.    

The members of the Council also moved that we would not have a mortgage or go into debt for the acquisition of a building as we were never sure of our Bingo profits as more competition of recreational dollars were coming out daily such as the video machines. So our choices were limited and there really was nothing on the market that suited us as a Council.

Then in 1994, while attending the Parish annual meeting we heard that the house could not pass the safety inspection and all parishioners were asked to: 1. Decide to spend some money on the house our  2. Bulldoze it down and build a new building, We suggested that maybe we should buy some of the mobile classrooms the school district had for sale, but this was turned down, and they spend money to bring the house up to code.

It was then brought up at a committee meeting that maybe the Lincoln Council should have a look at purchasing such a mobile classroom. The committee came up with a plan to buy the 2 the School District had for sale. We looked at the buildings, the grounds where to put them ,how to get them there etc, and a plan was made and presented to Parish Council and the Knights Council and permission was received from both and a successful bit was awarded to us for $ 1000.00 per unit plus transportation cost. The date was 6 September 1995.

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