" Columbus House " in Lincoln , New Brunswick Canada

   The name of the new Council Chambers was voted on by the Members of  St Francis of   Assisi Council 9496 in October 1995,  construction of our new Council Chambers started when, after levelling a piece of land just of the upper parking lot of the Church. The first of the mobile classrooms appeared ar 4.00 pm Tue 20 Sep 1995 and we were on our way.

The plan was to set them up in a U shape using 3 classrooms, but for now we had only 2 so we placed them in a " L " shape so that in the next phase we could add the 3rd and make a " U " out of it. Many members shook their head and silently said " What the h........eck did we get into "


As soon as the mobiles were in place, work started in earnest. Bro. Allen McDougall and Bro. George Bourque were doing their final ground levelling and seeding etc. Bro.'s Alfred Richard, Napoleon Bourque, Daniel Valiquette and Thom Joordens were busy working inside the mobiles. The plan in Phase I was to have 1 mobile changed into our Council Chambers and the 2nd one as a social area.

Although Bro Allen and George had done their work, the carpenters worked outside as well, repainting the metal walls, made a ramp for the front door and steps and landing on the other doors, installed skirting, made a 4' x 4' sign for on the front of the building, yes basicaly made it look nice for us and the Parishioners.

Then we started to look at an other part, as the weather became to harsh to do much work outside, and we went inside the building to start stripping, remodeling of these 2 mobiles as per our plan, which was


Mobile Classrooms lifted in place               Columbus House completed

All the Knights involved worked hard all winter, and at times it was cold with the temporary heat on, as the final wiring could not be done until walls and ceilings were all done, but that slowly fell into place as well.

Ceilings and walls were cyproced, and the ceilings were scrolled, which was a 3 man operations with Bro Alfred applying the plaster, Bro Thom brushing and Bro Nap the final scrolling. We were getting close to the 27th Feb and a lot of work had to be done such as painting the walls, laying the carpet, and Bro Alfred made a nice Head table and side tables for the Chancellor, Warden and Deputy Grand Knight.

Then on 27 Feb 1996, we planned to have the Blessing of the 2/3 of the building, and we were pleased that we had our Charter Chaplain, Father Ed Baird, our present Chaplain Father Bill Brennan and our Diocesian Chaplain Father Sam Diotte to celebrate our Mass and Father Sam Diotte Blessed the Columbus House.

However we did not sit still to long as we received our 3rd and last mobile classroom and our last part on 15 Aug 1996, and again we started to work on this part as our completion time was 28 Feb 1997, the 10th Anniversary of our Council.

We worked hard, but this was a bit different as we were constructing an office, 2 washrooms and a games room so the work was a bit easier. The washroom plumbing did not have to be done as we had no water or sewer connections to the building yet.

Then in early Spring we decided to install a pitched roof so that we could remove the center post in our mobiles, and as well protecting our connecting doorways. The pitched roof would also help in future snow loads, although we are in a windy area on top of an open hill.

Columbus house was completed enough to have the " Official Opening " on Sat 14 Jun 1997, and the reason we choose Jun was the Weather as the opening the year before was a major snowstorm and many of our Special Guest could not attend.

So now that Columbus House is open we now have our Council Chamber, closet for our robes and memorabilia, a social room with 4 tables and 24 chairs, a Bar/canteen, 2 washrooms and an office. Our future plans are to have the water and sewer connections coming in 1998 and new siding on in 1999-2000

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24 Aug 2000