St Francis of Assisi Council 9496  

Lincoln - New Brunswick - Canada.      

Council Officers 2003-2004

Chaplain                                           Fr Ken Weir                            E-mail
Grand Knight Duncan Mugford E-mail
Deputy Grand Knight By-election E-mail
Chancellor Alfred Richard E-mail
Financial Secretary Joe Mailett E-mail
Lecturer Allen MacDougal E-mail
Recorder Ken Lumsden E-mail
Treasurer Fred Barnaby E-mail
Advocate George Bourque E-mail
Warden Charles Bourque E-mail
Inside Guard Allison Hennessey E-mail
Outside Guard Mark Perry E-mail
Trustee 1st Year Guy Poirier E-mail
Trustee 2nd Year Daniel Valquette E-mail
Trustee 3rd Year Alex Constas E-mail
Web Master & P.R. Thom Joordens E-mail
Past Grand Knight Andy Lebel E-mail
Worthy Dignitaries
Past Master of the 4th Degree Sir Knight Mel McMahon E-mail
Master of Most Rev. F C.Kelley Province Elvin McKinnhey E-mail
District Deputy, District #1 Ed Hall E-mail
Député de District, District # 3 Miles Carpenter E-mail
District Deputy, District #4 Roger Snow E-mail
District Deputy, District #5 Philip Doiron E-mail
Insurance Agent for St John River Valley E-mail

Past Grand Knights
1987/1988  GeorgeBourque
1988/1990 Thom Joordens
1990/1991 Allan MacDougall
1991/1993 John Perry
1993/1996 Ken Lumsden
1996/1998  Lee Frenette
1998/2000 Roger Snow
2000/2001 Guy Poirier
2001/2002   Ken Lumsden
2002/2003 Andy Lebel+

Past Faithful Navigators
1992/1993 George Bourque
1993/1995 Thom Joordens
1995/1997 John Digiacinto
1997/1999 Ken Lumsden
1999/2001 Camille Albert
2001/2003 Roger Snow
2003/2004 Guy Poirier

Former District Deputy 

Thom Joordens

Roger Snow

Knights of the Year
1991/1992 ClaudioLariviere

Napoleon Bourque

1992/1993 Gerry March
1993/1994 Daniel Valiquette
1994/1995 Claudio Lovisa
1995/1996 Fred Barnaby
1996/1997 Napoleon Bourque
1997/1998 John Perry
1998/1999 Guy Poirier
1999/2000 Fr Marc Smith
2001/2002  Roger Snow

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