Lincoln NB Canada

This is a Non-Profit organization and was established on 7th day of July 1994 by letters patent  by the Honorable Minister of Finance of the Province of New Brunswick, the Honorable Edmond P.Blanchard.

The purpose for which incorporation was sought  is as follows:

Name Position Address City-Town-Village E-mail
George Bourque President 186 Bourque Lane Fredericton NB E-mail
Ken Lumsden Vice-President 24 Prestige Dr Lincoln NB E-mail
Alfred Richard Sect/Treas 143 Glasier Rd Fredericton E-mail

Board of Directors 1999-2000

Name Position Address City/Village E-mail
Roger Snow Grand Knight 1 Perry Str Lincoln E-mail
Fred Barnaby D Grand Knight 23 Regan Str Fredericton E-mail
Guy Poirier Trustee 111Parkside Dr Fredericton E-mail
John Digiacinto Trustee 357 Woodbridge Fredericton E-mail
Gerry Marsh Trustee 13 Glenrose Str Lincoln E-mail
Ken Lumsden Director 24 Prestige Dr Lincoln E-mail
Daniel Valiquette Director 18 Leslie Dr Lincoln E-Mail

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24 Jan 2000