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Knightsite is a resource for Knights of Columbus councils, State Councils, chapters, Fourth Degree Assemblies, Ladies Auxiliaries, Columbiettes, Catholic Daughters, Squires Circles and related Roman Catholic organizations.

Knightsite features include:
- Interactive Event Calendar to help avoid scheduling conflicts.
-K of C Message Board to enhance inter-council communication.
-K of C Live Chat Room to further enhance communication.
-Interactive K of C Council Directory
-K of C Surveys with instant reporting of results
-K of C College Council Directory
-Pro-Life Articles written by Thaddee Renault
-Online K of C membership information: How to Join
-Pray the Rosary Site
-Stations of the Cross Site
-National K of C Softball Association Website
-Low cost Knightsite Web Hosting for K of C Councils

Knightsite is one of the oldest Knights of Columbus related websites on the World Wide Web. The concept for Knightsite began in July 1994. Since then Knightsite grown dramatically as a result of the support of Brother Knights throughout the world.
Thank you Brother Knights!  


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